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46.1% of the voters that april impression of >> how is is like later translated into votes? >> not much. >> 45% say maryland is moving in the right direction. 61% say there is no change in their financial situation. 32% say they are financially worse off today than they were a year ago. that third is a major factor in explaining why the race is so close. of delegates 44.7% of the vote, are like a 42.3%. in a state where democrats outnumber republicans to 200 >> polls suggest your message may not be an resonating with voters. >> the campaign has just begun. from the first days of this administration, we have focused on jobs, creating jobs, saving jobs. maryland has held onto private job base better than all and for other states in the country. >> 230,000 jobs have been lost
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since he took office and 3000 businesses have closed. in june, the unemployment rate dropped to 7.1% and the state has seen job growth for four straight months. but the public is not convinced that the economy is turning around. the poll finds 30% of democrats to not believe the economy will improve next year. 19% say they will vote for ehrlich. if the condemned the number to 25%, he will win. >> people's lives are driven by how the economy affects them. that's the number one thing that will make judgments about. how they feel will be how they vote. >> the u.s. bureau of labor statistics this job loss 68,000, not to under 30,000 the early campaign for claims. the poll suggests a mallee will not win if the majority of voters feel the economy is the number one issue. conversely, ehrlich will not win
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if 19% of democrats vote for him. pollsters believe independence will not have an impact on this year's race for governor. >> that same small -- that same poll asked about barack obama. the approval rate for of the senator is down about five points from january. as for the present, if you and% of maryland voters say they approve of the job he's doing in the white house. that is also down five. since january trade 38% say they disapprove of the president's job performance. if you are interested in the complete poll, it's on our website, >> there is new information tonight about the murder of a 23-year-old johns hopkins research assistant. >> but there is still more questions about the man and woman accused of robbing and
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killing him. we begin our live team coverage at central booking in east baltimore where when the suspect went before the judge today. >> it was a bailed review and it happened on the same day that the victim would have turned 24. >> inside the court room, the 24-year-old was reminded of her past drug charges. but now, our criminal history includes charges of first-degree murder are robbery, assault and conspiracy. police arrested her monday along with this man that they believe mr. husband. the 34-year-old and the woman are accused in the sunday night murder of the johns hopkins research assistant. >> this is a very tragic case. our whole -- our condolences to the family. >> walking from penn station, he was blocks from home when two
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suspects approached. police say he gave his wallet but a step in the chest. it happened while he was talking on his often to his mother. >> i heard a man telling him to shut up. it was a man's voice. >> investigators believe they found evidence linking the couple to the murder. police searched and apartments not far from the crime scene. according to court documents, detectives found the blood, the victim's cell phone and wallets and several folding and fixed blade knives. the documents reveal a planned attack. the woman told police that they were hunting to rob someone. people at the apartment complex heard statements that their robin heard a white boy. the judge declared her a threat to public safety and denied her bail. the victim's mother say her son like to walk and was enthusiastic about making a difference in people's lives.
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he was involved in breast cancer research. >> he was a hard worker and wanted to make a difference. he got killed before he even got a chance to start. >> they'll review for the data set for tomorrow. his history includes other cases of violent crimes and raises questions as to why a judge would not provoke -- would not revoke his probation. let's go to the newsroom for continuing team coverage. >> the paper trail paid as the story of a man repeatedly given another chance despite a bad name history of violence. police say that is him in the redcap caught in april of this year committee is street robbery on the west side of downtown. he was arrested for the crime but prosecutors dropped the charges less than three weeks later. a spokesperson for the state's attorney's office says the victim would not cooperate. >> we cannot proceed without the victim. prexy is now charged with the sunday night murder and robbery.
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the johns hopkins researcher was stabbed to death as he walked home. for wagoner, as the fifth time since 1991 he has been accused of violent crime. but despite that history, a judge as recently as april refuse to yank them operation and get him off the street. in march of 1992, he was convicted of robbery with a deadly weapon. two years later in 1994 came the second conviction for the same crime. this time, he was put in prison with a 10-year sentence. prosecutors need is history. the 2008, they threatened to seek a maximum penalty when he was charged with choking his girlfriend until she passed out. they settled for a guilty plea to assault and no jail time. on september 11th, 2008, he was given a suspended jail sentence for assault and but observation. since then, he has been found guilty of violating probation twice. first in august 2009 and again in april of this year.
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each time, the judge overseeing his case to allow him to stay on the streets. they chanted for state's attorney today criticized prosecutors for not doing more in the april robbery case to secure the victim's testimony. >> this murder like many others in baltimore was not just senseless, it was preventable. >> the judge who heard those violation of probation cases against the man is a baltimore judge who has not returned are calls. additionally, a warrant was issued in baltimore county for the mad three days before the murder. that warrant was for a violation of probation. >> thank you. in other news, a baltimore county would could face serious charges of child abuse after police say she tossed her newborn daughter from the second
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floor of her town now. the woman had apparently just given birth to the child when police say she threw the child from a bathroom window. the baby girl is found in bushes by the mother's sister. right now, the baby is in intensive care. the family and other possibly had no idea she was pregnant. >> for people, all juveniles are in custody, accused of being by the number of robberies on at the light rail. let's go live to city police headquarters for more. >> baltimore city police say for juvenile aged 14-70 have literally been terrorizing passengers on the light rail stations mostly their robberies. they're finally in jail tonight. this is a several-month-long investigation. from may 23rd to july 19th, the boys were robbing passengers on trades at the stations. in all, close to a dozen robberies trade in some cases, a
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gun was used. police got a break after a man was robbed on july 17th. he was able to identify one of the suspects which led to his arrest. that suspect told police about the three others that they were arrested as well. detectives say help from the nearby community help with the arrests. one man let police run surveillance out of his home. >> any time the community steps up and plays a role in what is going on in their community, it's a great asset to the police department. >> one of the suspects is a 17- year-old and is being charged as an adult. the other three are being charged as juvenile. they face a number of charges, including armed robbery. >> it has been a long day for the management at the inner harbor marriott water from the tell. they were forced to relocate more than 900 people late last night.
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they had no choice -- a pipe broke on the fourth floor causing quite a mess. let's go live to the hotel for more. >> i just got off the phone with management here and they tell me the hotel will not be opening tonight. they will be opening tomorrow with a conference at 7:30 in the morning. clean up crews have been working since the main broke late yesterday afternoon. >> we have been able to get the water shut off and extricate the water from the carpets. now we are starting the drying process. we are pumping out the elevator pets and such. >> last night, all 900 guests were evacuated and taken to other nearby hotels. >> they were professional. they served drinks and pizza and chips. they tried to make it as doable as possible. >> the guests will not be able to return until the air -- until the elevators are running
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properly. hotel officials don't know when that will be. >> that is the only issue. everything else is fine. it's just a matter of having the definitive answer on the elevators. >> for those who were staying here, it will be a night they will forget. >> as we wind down the escalator, it was dripping down the ceiling. it looked like a ride from disney world. it was definitely a trip i will remember. >> it made it interesting. we definitely have a story to tell. >> once again, cahow i just got off the phone a few minutes ago with mary at officials. the hotel will not be opening tonight but will be opening tomorrow with a conference tomorrow morning at 7:30. >> thousands were scanned by a less than honest insurance provider.
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those details ahead. >> maryland remained in the running to get millions of dollars in federal education funding despite some opposition. >> ravens rickey's it the practice field for the first time. but another high-profile rookie cannot practice with his teammates. we will tell you why in sports. >> thunderstorms popping up in the mountains. perhaps a sign the heat and humidity are about to make a return. good whether right now -- southeast winds with temperatures in the mid-80s.
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>> maryland is one of 19 finalists in the race to the top program. that means the state is one step closer to getting $200 million -- a quarter of a billion dollars in federal education funding. the money goes to states
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promising sweeping changes. maryland was picked even though a majority of local teachers' unions are against changes. they will go to washington to explain what is in writing. the white house will announce winners in said timber. >> it warning tonight from insurance regulators -- a company offering health insurance scant thousands of consumers who trusted them. when it came to paying large claims, there are people allowing thousands. >> hundreds of maryland residents bought policies thinking they were getting a good deal. but now those residents and thousands of people across the country are finding their health insurance company with a fake. >> days away from getting his pacemaker, bob harper learn he did not have the coverage to pay for the $60,000 operation. >> i can basically followed ready time. >> he is not alone in trying to get the coverage u.s. promise.
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one woman left the hospital allowing $32,000. >> of what my hospital bill paid. i want the money back repaid. >> maryland and more than a dozen states are taking action. >> i call what they scampered >> tonight at 11:00, we will identify the bogus company and tell you what actions are being taken. we will tell you what to make sure you can do to make sure your insurance company is legitimate. >> and now your forecast. >> 66 degrees this morning -- the coolest temperature we have had since the morning of the fourth of july when temperatures dropped into the upper 50s. since then, it has been a scorching hot month. to the north and west of baltimore -- near thomasville and york county -- 64 at eastern -- at easton.
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rather comfortable in many areas. the afternoon temperatures only reached the mid to upper 80s. a normal day in baltimore. the normal high as 87, as were we were. the normal low was 66. that's where we were. perfectly normal day, i strange occurrence. a couple of thunderstorms crawled up the mountain. trekking through south-central virginia, trying to get to the potomac river. north of there, just a little cloud cover. those clouds of helped hold temperatures down. back-to-back days with temperatures in the '80s. only in the upper '70's in western maryland. light southeast winds at about 5 miles an hour. high pressure has moved off the mid-atlantic coast. that was blocking the heat and
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humidity, but with the high offshore, that opens the door with the heat and timidity approaching. that means under from chances will return. a couple of isolated storms may pop up tomorrow. a better chance with the front slicing through on thursday. once the french moves off the coast, the sky is clear and dies weather should settle in by friday. 90-95 tomorrow with a chance for isolated thunderstorms. a small craft warning on the bay has been posted for tomorrow. an isolated thunderstorms around the bay at a hot and humid day with temperatures in the low 90s. the lower eastern shore steps should is -- lower eastern shore should state sunday. low 90s, hot and humid on wednesday and thursday. sunny skies and less humid on friday. a chance for a thunderstorm again on sunday.
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>> differs day of training camp here at westminster. one again, trouble for the zero rookies second round draft pick. we got word yesterday that terence cody failed his physical conditioning test. that means he cannot practice with the team until he gets to passing the test. to put it in perspective, i took the physical conditioning test about one hour ago. i will give you the results at 11:00. i will take you through the physical conditioning test and show you what terrance cody faces before he can get on to the practice field. terence is listed at 300 of compounds. hard to say if that's where his weight is that. his conditioning is not up to speed yet. he did not do enough work on his own. that is going to change now. he spent the afternoon practice running before, during and after the workout.
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they have a high priority of getting all other players in to shape, including the ones to wait 300 to the pound. >> certain guys always struggle with that. they learn there is a certain level of expectation in terms of conditioning that goes with being an nfl player. he will have to get himself in the kind of shape the need to be in. >> it is a crowd of look with the addition of market closure. time will tell who becomes the odd man out. the ravens typically only keep three quarterbacks. flaco is the king of calm. he says he's extremely excited to get into the season even if you can't tell from his demeanor. >> i don't make a conscious effort to be excited.
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when i get excited, i get excited. if not, i will be excited. i get excited more than you guys think. i have my own way of doing it. i don't run up and down all over the place. i always looked at the kid that was doing that and laughed at him. >> he does have his own unique style. how a major signing on the horizon -- the ravens will line up against the team that has the wide receiver. for the orioles, nothing in the way of offense. they continue their road trip tonight in toronto. we want to get you free tickets -- you can go to our facebook page and what at the contest. the deadline to enter is wednesday at midnight.
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training camp continues. the next day begins with practice right here. stay with us. we will be back with your forecast straight ahead.
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>> of little bit of cloud cover help to keep the temperature below 90. tomorrow, we are back into the low 90s and it will feel human again. a slight chance for a thunderstorm. beautiful friday and a couple of thunderstorms to wrap up the weekend. >> thank you for joining us. nbc nightly news with brian williams is up next. >> we will see you back here at 11:00.
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by expanding the port, martin o'malley is creating the next generation of jobs right here in baltimore. 5700 hundred jobs... that means work for today... but even more jobs for the future. 5700 new jobs that makes maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward.

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